Gone are the days of your dog milling around in a crowded playroom with nothing to do!

Our daycare and boarding services provide outdoor run, fun and play for your dog in an organized, safe enviornment, so you can rest assured he’s having the adventure he deserves!


Our unmatched facilities are your dog’s adventure haven!

  • 3 acres of fenced property

  • swimming pond

    (Doggy Dude Ranch location only)

  • outdoor playgrounds

  • hiking trails

Safety is our first priority when it comes to your dog


    Off-leash safety is our first priority, grouping dogs by size and providing staff supervision at all times. Our staff to dog ratio is 1:10.


    We offer a wide variety of play groups and enrichment activities. Each of our playrooms has access to it's own outdoor space, allowing the dogs to choose roaming indoor or outdoor, at will.


    Boarding parents, rest assured: our overnight staff provides care for your dog as needed throughout the night.

We’ve given hundreds of dog parents peace of mind while their pet is with us. Here’s what they have to say:

I have come to believe that time spent at DDA is nearly as important to our dogs' well-being as food, water, and shelter...When we have to board them, I have total confidence that they are receiving the care, attention, and common sense they need. I have so much respect and gratitude to the management and staff here.

Susan S.

My dogs have been going to DDA for years. The handlers are well trained and really care. The dogs get to run outside and be dogs. They also learn good behaviors to be better pets.

amy k.

Our Emma LOVES the ranch! As soon as I turn onto 10th street, she starts turning In circles and whining— she is so excited! The other pups are all friendly and the photos they post of the pups playing will warm your heart. I love this place!

Melissa A.

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