Dog Boarding

At Dog Day Afternoon, we believe in developing desirable behavior and creating safe, balanced play.

Your dog's home away from home!

  • A fun vacation for your dog!

  • Peace of mind for you

While you're planning that family get away, don't forget to plan a Dog Day Afternoon vacation for your four legged family member. Why leave your beloved canine companion locked in a cage when  we can offer your dog so much more. Running, romping, swimming and playing all done in an exciting outdoor experience. Lots of stimulating toys and a healthy snack at nap times are provided at no extra charge. While you are enjoying your vacation, you can relax knowing that your dog is enjoying one too!

Boarding Prices

Charge starts at the time your dog checks in until Noon the following day.

Our pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE. We do not charge extra for group play, extra enrichment toys, administering your dog's medication, feeding your dog's own food or treats, frozen Kongs, midnight snacks, blankets, pillows, bedding, laundry service, extra petting, snuggle time, bedtime stories, tuck-in service or any of the other somewhat crazy, but completely understandable requests our clients might ask for. We've heard it all...we think!