Individual Enrichment Program

For dogs that might struggle in a traditional doggy daycare environment.

What is IEP?


Dog Day Afternoon's Individual Enrichment Program is a unique program for dogs that might not be the right fit for traditional doggy daycare. Each dog's individual goal is decided between the staff and client, and then a plan is designed by our Program Evaluator and Director. IEP offers a more personalized, goal-oriented experience for your best friend!

Reasons to Join

  • Low levels of tolerance, comfortability, and appropriateness in group play.
  • Medical conditions that require more intensitve care.
  • Building basic obedience skills to better enhance a dog's chance of success in daycare.
  • A dog that struggles to enjoy the energetic environment of traditional daycare.
  • Anxiety related to new stimuli.
  • ...Or simply a special day of additional enrichment for a dog that deserves it!


Currently our Individual Enrichment Program is only available at our North Location, the Pet Ranch & Resort.